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Imaginative/Creative Writing

We’re Off To Germany

Football can offer learners an enthusiastic, exciting and challenging context to write.

An opportunity such as; Scotland preparing for EURO 2024 in Germany, is a great stimulus to ignite imagination and create a short story.

Such a stimulus can also provide learners the opportunity to write from various perspectives e.g. through the eyes of a player, referee or supporter.

The Support

To support learners in their creative writing, the Scottish FA and Learning Through Football Team are excited to be partnering with award winning author, Dan Freedman.

He has shared with us his top tips to help children get writing:

1. Use your own life experiences

2. Know your characters

3. Don't expect your first try to be perfect

4. Do you need a plan?

5. Do you care?

Click on the link button below to read Dan's tips in detail.


Suggested CfE Experiences and Outcomes

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