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Striking Herstories

Striking Herstories is a new trail in the Scottish Football Museum which celebrates and shines a spotlight on the long and fascinating history of women’s football in Scotland.

The trail (downloadable as a PDF in the link below) takes you on a journey via displays within the Museum through key moments in the history of women’s football in Scotland.

The trail features a mix of specially commissioned art work and object-based displays.

Whether you are planning a visit to experience the trail in the museum or simply using the trail information remotely, the challenges below build on some of the stories of the pioneering women of Scottish football and allow you to explore the history of their game.

You might like to start by looking at this overview of women’s football in Scotland.

Demi Boyd, Curator Scottish Football Museum

Prof Fiona Skillen, Women’s Sport Historian, Glasgow Caledonian University



Trail Stop 2

Challenge 1: Kit Design

The women who played football in Scotland during the Victorian era were seen as being scandalous – mainly because of what they wore to play in public.

Research how Victorian women dressed;

  • Do you think their clothing was restrictive?
  • What was in fashion during this time?

Now think about Victorian sportswear;

  • What type of clothes did women wear to play sport?
  • What sort of clothes did men wear?
  • What are the differences?
  • Why do you think that might be the case?

Design a kit for a Victorian woman - the kit needs to be practical and in keeping with the fashion of the time.

Trail Stop 4

Challenge 2: Women and WWI

Many women’s football teams developed out of factories where women were working for the first time.

The First World War changed ordinary lives in many different ways.

Research how WWI changed the lives of women in particular;

  • Research the different jobs women did during the war
  • How many women joined did these different jobs?

Write a short story from the point of view of a woman starting a new job in WW1.

Design a uniform.

Trail Stop 5

Challenge 3: Women’s suffrage

Some people have argued that women playing football in Scotland was an important step towards women being equal in society.

There was a much larger movement, the women’s suffrage movement which pushed for more equality and in particular for women to get voting rights.

This became an important issue in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Research the different approaches taken to grant women the right to vote;

  • Do you know the difference between suffragists and suffragettes?
  • Which approach do you think was best?

How do you think football fits into this fight for equal rights?

Trail Stop 8

Challenge 4: J’aime le football

In 2019 the Scotland Women’s National Team travelled to France to compete in the 2019 FIFA World Cup - Identify other countries that participated.

Design a poster/advertisement for the competition/Scotland Women's National Team.

Planning a trip to France;

  • How would you get there?
  • What basic phrases would you need?
  • What kind of currency would you use?

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