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One Game Many Nations

Working on behalf of Show Racism the Red Card, Alan Campbell (featured in video below) has been capturing images of the professional game which highlight and celebrate the diversity of the Scottish senior club game.

The photography exhibition is displayed at the entrance to the Scottish Football Museum, which is located in Hampden Park, Scotland’s national stadium.

The learning opportunities below are designed to enhance understanding of, and engagement with, the images for the audience.


Celebrating Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

This was one of Alan's objectives in capturing the images.

Task - What Do You See?

Use the images to stimulate discussion

This is a great learning opportunity to explore the knowledge & understanding of learners e.g. use of correct terminology, demonstration of wider aspects of equality, diversity and inclusion.


Task - Celebration of Cultures

Research players’ cultures and backgrounds e.g:

- Spoken languages

- Religious holidays

- National dishes

- Popular sports

- If they have recently moved from to Scotland, how far have they travelled?

What other interesting angles can you explore connected to culture?

Task - Scottish Football Representing Scottish Society

My job is to work towards Scottish Football being representative of Scotland’s society.

Explore ways that the Scottish FA does this.

Task - Football For All

I work with clubs, UEFA and FIFA to make sure that Football is For All, in Scotland.

Find out about any of the campaigns that the Scottish FA and Show Racism the Red Card run to achieve this goal.

Task - Advising on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

The Scottish FA also has an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board.

What can you find out about them?

Everyone on this Board is involved in working in football, what kind of careers do the different Board Members have?

Developing Young Workforce

There are many learning opportunities within this Spotlight to explore Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

However, both Alan and Robin have used skills and expertise in their field of work to bring about positive change.

Throughout the tasks included in this Spotlight, learners will also have discovered other people in the World of Work whose job it also is to promote Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Football.

Task - Careers in Sport

Explore careers ‘off the pitch’ in sport.

What are the possible routes to these careers?

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