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Maths Week - Match Stats

To mark Scottish Maths Week 2023, a series of spotlights focus on the impact of Maths & Numeracy on the world of football. 

This spotlight looks at the importance of match statistics and how this data can be used and analysed.


Mark is the Sports Science and Data Manager for The Scottish FA.

In this short video, he will tell you a little bit about his job and how Maths & Numeracy plays a big part.

Match Stats Activity 1

A lot of the data and information Mark deals with can be quite sensitive. That means many teams won't share the information they've gathered.

Why might this be?

UEFA's Nations League online page shares some match stats gathered on Scotland's Men's National Team performances.

These stats will give you some clues to the type of information Mark might gather and use in his role.

However, much more of the information Mark gathers is much more specific.

Write down the type of stats Mark might gather in his role.

Match Stats Activities 2 and 3

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