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The Daily Mile

The Daily Mile aims to improve children and young people’s physical activity by encouraging them to be active for 15 minutes a minimum of three times a week at their early years centre or primary. It takes place outside in the fresh air during the school day at a time of the teacher’s choosing. Children and young people can participate in their school clothes and no special kit or equipment is required.

PDF file: The Daily Mile - National Strategy (1.6 MB)

Any primary school can implement The Daily Mile at no cost, and its impact can be transformational – improving not only the children’s fitness, but also their concentration levels, mood, behaviour and general wellbeing. Sign up on the Daily Mile website to receive free and downloadable resources.

This welcome pack below will help you get started in establishing the Daily Mile and should be used after registering your involvement on the Daily Mile website.

Science has long proven the importance of being physically active in helping our bodies and minds stay healthy. The resource below summarises the positive impact physical activity has on children’s health, wellbeing and learning – and how The Daily Mile can help children access these benefits every day.

PDF file: The Daily Mile - Published research (461 KB)

PDF file: The Daily Mile - Published research (Gaelic version) (501 KB)

PDF file: The Daily Mile - Poster (396 KB)

PDF file: The Daily Mile - Poster (Gaelic version) (122 KB)

Vimeo video: St Conval’s Primary School Glasgow - Scotland Does TDM

In October 2022 Scotland was announced as the world’s first Daily Mile Nation.  Around 187,000 school children in all of Scotland’s local authority areas are getting active for at least fifteen minutes a day meeting the criteria agreed with the Daily Mile Foundation. More than half of primary schools are now signed up to the Daily Mile.